About Us

About Us

“BioPub is about the 15 percent of the biotech space worth talking about.”

We are a biotech investment discussion website. Our goal is to be the secret weapon and unfair advantage of every subscriber. What you will find is an education including interviews others don't get and presence at meetings others don't bother to attend. We promote what we consider best in class companies and follow them closely to ensure that management is executing their business plan faithfully and that development trials proceed as expected. We leverage the knowledge brought to the table by our professional members to see if the products being brought to market make sense financially in a world whose rules are changing daily.


  • An interactive forum where PhDs and MDs deliberate daily about biotech, medical and investment questions.
  • Boots-on-the-ground approach to due diligence. We travel continuously, meeting with CEOs and scientists and academic clinicians, sourcing the best biotech opportunities on your behalf.
  • Monthly conference call with CEO or industry leading scientist including Q&A session (By subscribing, you get access to recordings of previous conference calls!).
  • Second monthly call for discussion with readers on stocks of interest.
  • Live conference coverage such as JPM, ASCO, ASH, AACR, BioEurope etc.
  • Entertaining, literate and scientifically enlightening columns.
  • A supportive community whose members enthusiastically impart their wisdom and include doctors, scientists, engineers, attorneys, executives, and many accredited investors.


Founder and Editor-in-Chief - Dr. KSS MD PhD

I am an MD with an additional PhD in biochemistry, and for the past 20 years, in addition to practicing, being a researcher, and conducting clinical trials, have been investing in biotech companies with great success. I earned my degrees at a top 10 US institution, where I was an NIH scholar and graduated with top honors. I have extensive post-doctoral research experience and am board certified in internal medicine and also gastroenterology. My goal is to discuss companies and use discussions of their technology, their drugs or planned drugs, as ways of teaching about physiology and disease states, along with their issues and opportunities.