Antibe is Coming to BioPub!

No, we’re not speaking of the famed Monet paintings…..those are of Antibes, the small Mediterranean-coastal French province between Nice and Cannes where you find Juan-les-Pins and fussy inns that take cash only. Plural or singular, however, their consolations—-Monet for the soul, Antibe ($ATBPF) for the future of medicine and your stomach—-may be the same. Oh, and say it this way: onTEEB (repeat after me….).

Antibe is a Toronto biotech start-up well underway developing a derivatized version of naproxen that kills pain perhaps even better than the founder drug, but without causing gastric antral ulcers. Antibe’s agent also doesn’t hike blood pressure or incur cardiac risk. It may become among the best selling agents of all time.

Join us this Friday, 1 March, at 12:30 pm for the March BioPub conference call, where our guests will be BioPub-fave CEO Dan Legault (maybe we can persuade him to run for US President?) and his soon to be stuff-of-legend executives as they discuss trialling and evaluation of one of the world’s most interesting new agents. Bring your questions and prepare to learn more about what we regard as among the most special of situations in biotech investing.

All readers: please check in the BioPub media room for the slide deck that accompanies CEO Legault’s discussion.

Mark the date. Rock on Canadian biotech!

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