California Dreamin with Dr. Bill Rice and Greg Chow of Aptose

“I predict that some institutions are likely to get in [invest in $APTO shares] once they know the CG’806 IND is approved,” Greg Chow volunteers. He’s sipping cold bottled water and squinting in the 2 pm southern California coastal sun. “That’s the sense I get anyway.”

KSS: Wouldn’t you think approval is kind of a shoo-in? I mean the FDA knows the agent and the protocols so well.

“Well, we hope so,” said Rice. “But keep in mind: it’s two protocols, pursuing two very different angles. It’s an unusually complicated IND.”

KSS: And certainly the CMC is no slam-dunk. I mean, 806 is a bear to synthesize, right?

“True,” said Rice. He excuses himself from the veranda table to go get in place for a panel discussion in which he’s a participant in a few minutes.

KSS: Greg, IND “approval,” I mean, the agency signing off on the documents without further ado….that’s a delicate issue for some companies. They don’t like going there. Any thoughts on that?

Chow ponders for a moment. He stares into middle distance. “Well, I think we’d be willing to issue a press release when we’ve gotten the green light. I mean, in the name of transparency and all.” He nods.

Chow notes that six major analysts now have buy recommendations on Aptose shares.

It’s nearly three o’clock. We’ve chatted about a panoply of other matters pertaining to Aptose and its trial plans. We’ll cover those in the threads. We gather our gadgets and head indoors for Rice’s panel discussion at Roth. Rice will deliver a bravura performance, one we have videotaped (we’ll upload to youtube or to this website tonight).

Rice will also be appearing in a panel discussion at Roth tomorrow. Co-panelists? The CEO’s from Arqule and Sunesis (makers of competing tyrosine kinase inhibitors). King Kong vs certain primates of lesser provenance. We’ll be there.

Disclosures: KSS has a long position in $APTO and will not trade in such shares for 7 days after this brief is published. Copyright KSS and BioPub 2019. May not be reproduced without permission. BioPub has no business relationship with Aptose or its officers, and this note is not a solicitation or “advice” to purchase $APTO shares.

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