We’ve never harbored any intention of making a profit. Your subscription helps subsidize a major portion of travel expenses.  Dr. KSS travels extensively to monitor our portfolio companies. Biotech is inherently risky, and even when the intricacies of biology are fully fleshed out, there remain many uncertainties to watch for. What better way than to hear directly from the CSO and CMO or be present at a conference reading the non-verbal cues of fellow scientists and institutions? Dr KSS practiced medicine for years working with liver patients, the most difficult population imaginable, and he’s a good vibe-reader with strong intuition. By repeatedly meeting management in person, Dr. KSS has forged critical relationships that ensure direct and immediate access upon public disclosure. The peace of mind knowing management is only a call away is surely worth the cost, especially during periods of extended volatility. No such service exists elsewhere. When you subscribe to BioPub, you are not  signing up merely for access to a website. You are joining a collective of investors for which Dr KSS and the editorial board act as your advocate and your agent vis a vis the biotech community. The goal of Dr KSS is for everyone to feel well-served by the arrangement. It’s why he’s willing to slave night  and day answering your questions and letters. All of the editorial board believe that helping people become better investors, helping them make  profits, gives those people power to be better members of  society, better to their families, better for their communities.  Thank you for your support.

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