Conference Call With Inovio Ceo Dr. Joseph Kim

Our next conference call will be among the most important in BioPub’s history: a session with the CEO who is reinventing immuno-oncology in his own brilliant way, Joseph Kim, PhD, MBA, of Inovio. If you’re expecting a bombastic, authoritarian man, you’ll be disappointed, as Dr. Kim is among the most laid-back and collegial CEOs we’ve worked with. The startling clarity of his ideas will imbue you with more understanding of what’s really going on in immuno-oncology than an entire graduate school course on the subject. Meanwhile, we believe that’s it’s a mere matter of time before Inovio grows into one of the venerated giant companies in American¬† biotech….so diverse and rich are the company’s programs. He’s stopping by the Pub to take your questions on the eve of 2019, the company’s breakout and watershed year.

Dr Kim arrived in the US with his mother when he was 11. She wanted a better life for her son….and had $300 to her name. His star power is surging, his brilliance unquestioned, yet his humility hasn’t drifted one iotum from his simple origins.

12:30 pm EST on 7 December.

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